Friday, May 18, 2012

Artist and Writer Anthony Thompson and the Martinez Gallery

In our appreciation of artists interpreting the natural world, we now focus on Anthony Thompson, a painter, teacher of studio art, and a student of psychology and neuroscience. He is involved in understanding the way in which artists make “non-conscious perceptions concrete” in their art and, in his words, “seem to be agents or mediums through which someone or something else is creating.” In both his writing and teaching, this artist compellingly explores the roots of creation and perception.

Living in the Hudson Valley, Thompson has been influenced by the American Hudson River School of landscape painters such as Thomas Cole and Frederic Edwin Church (of Olana). This movement incorporated pastoral settings and showed harmony between human beings and nature. In addition to his traditional landscapes, he also produces contemporary landscapes and drawings combined with abstraction, showing his intense investigation into cognitive psychology and the creative process.  

Thompson has had numerous solo shows in Boston and New York, and his work has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, NYC and the Institute for Contemporary Art in Boston. Locally he shows his work at the Martinez Gallery in Troy, NY,, located in Monument Square at 3 Broadway, in the district for arts and antiques. This gallery features contemporary art focusing, but not exclusively, on Latino and Latin American art.

Samples of Thompson's work:

"Olana" (2004)

“Cohoes Falls” (2002)

“Wiltsie Bridge” (2005)

“Pond” (2007)

Check out Tony’s website at


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