Monday, December 3, 2012

Spotlight on one of our Business Heroes


Green Conscience Home and Garden is a local business dedicated to providing inspiration and education to people who are interested in a sustainable lifestyle. Located in Saratoga Springs, they carry a variety of organic and eco-friendly lawn, garden and home improvement products for consumers throughout the Capital District region and North of the Adirondacks. They will even be able to help you create a completely "green" baby nursery.

Green Conscience strives to be the leading source of sustainable building materials, natural products and skilled craftspeople to help customers create healthy and beautiful spaces, using products from ecologically responsible sources. This is a fabulous place to shop. Check out their informative website.


  1. I recently came across Green Conscience Home and Garden, and I must say, I'm truly impressed with their dedication to promoting a sustainable lifestyle. It's refreshing to see a local business that goes beyond just selling products and instead focuses on inspiring and educating people.

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