Friday, January 4, 2013


This past fall I was thrilled to be supported by a Poets & Writers grant to teach memoir writing at the Cohoes Public Library. What a gracious and superb place this is, especially with Matthew Graff as director. His intelligence, compassion and community spirit have helped the library thrive, and the original St. John’s Episcopal Church is now a gorgeous place to hold our writing workshop which has been together for three years. With the ethereal ceilings and windows of our chosen room lifting our spirits and inspiration, this very talented group wrote personal reflections and thoughtful memory stories for eight weeks until just before Christmas.

Thank you to Poets & Writers, the great organization that creates the connective tissue for writers and host spaces all over the U.S.


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  3. How wonderful to hear about your inspiring memoir writing workshop at the Cohoes Public Library! The combination of a supportive community, led by the excellent Matthew Graff, and the beautiful setting of St. John’s Episcopal Church, undoubtedly created a nurturing space for creative expression. Kudos to Poets & Writers for fostering such enriching opportunities for writers nationwide.